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Mijem Joins Latina Magazine’s Beauty, Hair, & Wellness Expo

Mijem’s Demo and Photo Booth Was a Success

SECAUCUS, New Jersey – July 18, 2015 – Mijem was invited to Latina Magazine’s first Beauty, Hair & Wellness Expo at the Meadowlands Expo Center. Hundreds of people stopped by the Mijem booth to witness demos of the Mijem alpha app.

“Oh I love that! I can do this all day long. I’m going to sell a lot of things” said Gloria, a girl who visited the expo to check out the latest beauty and hair products targeted at the Latina market. Minutes later, “I am going to have so much fun. Trading bags? O-M-G!” was Tricia’s reaction, a woman accompanied by a friend, when she was shown the application.

When the asked what Mijem thinks of the event, “we were more than pleased by the reactions of people when we demo’ed to them the public alpha version of Mijem. All the reactions we received today, including numerous people shouting “I love this. I like this. That is genius!” means that we [Mijem] have been on something great for people and our work is showing signs of success.” said Phuong Dinh, Founder of Mijem. “We also think this was a great testing ground for us as the event attracts a lot of women of all ages. The fact that a lot of them found [the app] it easy to follow along and not difficult to play with was great.”

The Mijem booth didn’t just feature demos of the Mijem app, passersby were also in for a surprise that they can meet Massy Arias at the booth. “You need to get the Mijem app! It’s like Instagram plus pinterest plus craigslist all in one” said Massy Arias when a fan asked her what is Mijem.

Mijem Booth and Massy Arias (Twitter @Latina)
Line to Meet Massy Arias at the Mijem Booth (Mijem Press)

The Mijem team were able to interact with potential Mijem users, gather feedback, and increase the app’s exposure by participating in the expo. You can download the free app today and join the public alpha. We want to hear from you! Please submit bugs or improvements here.

About Latina Magazine (Latina Media Ventures)

100 percent Latina. 100 percent American. All pride. All passion. This is how Latina Media Ventures (LMV) sees its unique world. And it is what drives the mission to bring the U.S. Latin community the best, most empowering, engaging and culturally relevant content across a range of media platforms that include publishing, digital, live events and consumer products and services.

More information on the expo can be found here.

About Mijem

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