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Mijem Connects, Celebrates, and Inspires at Cityfest Toronto

Mijem App Connects Urban Professionals and Makes Discovering Products Easier

TORONTO, Ontario – August 22, 2015 – Mijem is the exclusive new media at Cityfest Toronto 2015. Mijem played an integral part of the festival by bringing awareness to high density residents new media that connects and empowers consumers.

“This is a pretty cool concept” said Sarah, a marketing agency professional who stopped by the Mijem booth out of curiosity.

To make the event more fun, Mijem sponsored a contest on stage, “Mijem’s Next Top Model.” It proved entertaining and fun for the crowd to watch.

Dozens of people dropped by the Mijem booth to see a demo of the public alpha of the app.

Mijem Booth and Mijem Team (Mijem Press)

The Mijem team were able to interact with potential Mijem users, gather feedback, and increase the app’s exposure by participating in the festival. It was a great free event for the public to come and explore supporting businesses, get free stuff, and enjoy some delicious food from food trucks.

Cityfest Toronto 2015 Participants (Mijem Press)
Cityfest Toronto 2015 (Mijem Press)
BMO Mascot at the Mijem Booth (Mijem Press)

You can download the free app today and join the public alpha. We want to hear from you! Please submit bugs or improvements here.

About Cityfest

A free celebration of Toronto’s best local talent, eats & drinks, urban art, and community experiences. For more information, visit

About Mijem

Mijem is a trusted community marketplace for consumers to connect with other like-minded consumers, discover products, list products, and engage in consumer-to-consumer commerce. Shoe collectors, car collectors, and art collectors can share their collections on Mijem. Consumers curious about the latest products and trends can check out Mijem and follow inspirational users. Local deals from trustworthy people may be found on Mijem. Mijem is an all-in-one solution for product sharing and C2C commerce. The app is available for download for free! Join the Mijem community and start discovering gems today. For further information, please contact

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