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Mijem and New York Fashion Week: Mijem App Featured

Mijem App Makes Splash with NY Fashion Community

NEW YORK CITY, New York – September 11, 2015 – Mijem app was featured at Latinista Fashion Week. Fashionistas were made aware of the new Mijem app (public alpha) and how easy it is to share collections.

“Hello! Welcome. How is everyone doing?” said Kristen, a Mijem rep, as she greeted guests to the show. “Just to let you know, if you download the free Mijem app, you get a free gift. Also, we have two contests running. Snap pictures of your favorite beauty looks or pieces and you can win a beauty bag and designer piece” said Kristen in a friendly tone.

When the asked why Mijem is part of this event, “This was an opportunity to be involved in a show that is different and fun. In most fashion shows, guests just sit, watch, and maybe snap a few photos. However, we have two interactive contests featuring the Mijem app for guests to partake throughout the night. Guests can win a beauty pack from the various sponsors and Cesar Galindo was also kind enough to donate a collection piece for the other contest.” said Phuong Dinh, Founder of Mijem. “Plus, the fashion crowd is a key demographic for the Mijem app. When Latinista expressed interest in having Mijem at the event, I was excited” stated Phuong Dinh as he further explained the case.

Mijem was not only featured front stage but also backstage. Mijem was able to interact with various industry folks such as make-up artists and hair stylists; it was demonstrated how Mijem could be used to upload beauty looks and beauty products.

Mijem Backstage Interview with Project Runway’s Luis Casco (Mijem Press)

The Mijem team were able to interact with potential Mijem users, gather feedback, and increase the app’s exposure by participating in the fashion show.

Various Fashionistas Making Appearances at Latinista Fashion Week (Mijem Press)
Mijem and America’s Next Top Model Shei Phan (Mijem Press)
Mijem Team (Mijem Press)

Batista and Czar Spring Summer 2016 Collections (Mijem Press)

Mijem Team and Some Guests After the Show (Mijem Press)

You can download the free app today and join the public alpha. We want to hear from you! Please submit bugs or improvements here.

About Latinista Fashion Week

Created by Dee & Co Group, Latinista Fashion Week has exploded into a competitive Fashion Week brand that gives established and emerging Latino designers an opportunity to showcase their collections during Fashion Week in New York City.

LATINISTA™ Fashion Week started in 2011 with IMAN Cosmetics & Latina Magazine and it is now on its 4th year. The goal was to give high-end designers as well as to discover new Latino/Latina designers and give them a new platform to show during Fashion Week and to the Hispanic demographic millennial generation. We have grown rapidly and now it becomes one of the running and successful fashion platforms during New York Fashion Week not just for Hispanics but for fashion insiders as well. Celebrity Designer Cesar Galindo who joined the runway in 2013 caught the vision and has now joined forces and collaborated with LATINISTA™ to take it to new levels. LATINISTA™ Fashion Week featured Cesar Galindo archive of his work January 2015 at the Historic El Museo Del Barrio sponsored by Ralph Pucci and was the first designer to do an exhibit at the museum. For more information, please visit

About Mijem

Mijem is a trusted community marketplace for consumers to connect with other like-minded consumers, discover products, list products, and engage in consumer-to-consumer commerce. Shoe collectors, car collectors, and art collectors can share their collections on Mijem. Consumers curious about the latest products and trends can check out Mijem and follow inspirational users. Local deals from trustworthy people may be found on Mijem. Mijem is an all-in-one solution for product sharing and C2C commerce. The app is available for download for free! Join the Mijem community and start discovering gems today. For further information, please contact

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