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Mijem is Featured Speaker at Columbia Bring IT On Forum

Mijem’s Presentation Empowers International Tech Companies

TORONTO, Ontario – October 28, 2015 – Mijem was invited to be a featured speaker for the Colombia Bring IT On Forum held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Dozens of delegates with offices in Colombia and Canada joined the event.

The topic presented by MIjem was “What to Know: Partnering with a Canadian Company.” Phuong Dinh, Founder of Mijem Inc., ended the presentation with “As with any relationships, I like to think of it as gears or wheels. Positive experiences drives new contracts. New contracts drives referrals. Or another way to view it is great results becomes cash flow, cash flow becomes references, and references becomes expansion opportunities”

Following the presentation, Phuong Dinh received emails from numerous participants in appreciation of the presentation he gave was. “I took your points about Quality, Language, Customer Service and Transparency and Trust and incorporated them into one of my sales slides. The seesaw graphic of the total value is something I used with one of the customers the following and it worked great (I hope you don’t mind),” wrote by a VP of a Canadian company.

Speakers at the event also included: Peter Liber of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Peter Carayiannis of Conduit Law, Chris Rickett of Entrepreneurship Services for the City of Toronto, among others. Participants visited key technology and innovation centres in and around the GTA such as MaRS Discovery District.


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About ProColombia

ProColombia and the Colombian Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications will host the first-ever technology focused Business Matchmaking forum to pair over 70 Colombian companies with an expected 150 to 200 Canadian and American buyers and investors next October 28 and 29 in Toronto.

The invitation-only event, to be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, will include the launching of “Colombia Bring IT On,” the country’s official campaign promoting a thriving sector that includes IT, Software and Digital Services companies. The campaign focuses on countries with high demand for services in these sectors such as the U.S., Canada, Spain, England and countries in Central and South America. For more information, please visit

About Mijem

Mijem is a trusted community marketplace for consumers to connect with other like-minded consumers, discover products, list products, and engage in consumer-to-consumer commerce. Shoe collectors, car collectors, and art collectors can share their collections on Mijem. Consumers curious about the latest products and trends can check out Mijem and follow inspirational users. Local deals from trustworthy people may be found on Mijem. Mijem is an all-in-one solution for product sharing and C2C commerce. The app is available for download for free! Join the Mijem community and start discovering gems today. For further information, please contact

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