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Mijem Has Secured an Investment from Ayre Group

Mijem, a pioneer in the social marketplace segment, has secured an investment from Ayre Group Ventures, a large venture capital firm, to help fund its next big feature. While the details of the agreement remain private, Mijem has announced their plans to use this investment to continue development on their new blockchain program. They hope to soon offer cash back in the form of Bitcoin SV for users of Mijem. This loyalty program is intended to incentivize young adults to continue using the platform by providing rewards that they will actually value.

Founder of Mijem, Phuong Dinh, sees this as a huge opportunity for the company:

“Mijem evaluated several digital currencies that would be of value to our customers and Bitcoin SV clearly is a great fit for Mijem. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is what the original Bitcoin white paper envisioned, a fast, inexpensive, peer-to-peer electronic cash system – and all these characteristics are important for Mijem’s Gen Z target market. Ayre Group Ventures shares our vision, having already invested in numerous firms building Bitcoin SV services and solutions that we may be able to leverage going forward. Ayre Group Ventures is an ideal partner for us, and on behalf of Mijem, I’d like to thank Ayre Group Ventures for their investment, support, and vote of confidence.”

In addition, Ayre Group Ventures founder Calvin Ayre commented on the potential of this idea and the company as a whole:

“Mijem continues to demonstrate the value of the innovative social marketplace model they have pioneered across a growing network of university and college campuses in North America. At Ayre Group Ventures, we share many of the values which have made Mijem successful – speed, efficiency, accessibility – and see a great opportunity to work with their team to further develop the Mijem offering with Bitcoin SV and play a part in their ongoing success story.”

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