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Phuong Dinh

Chair and Founder of Mijem

Mr. Dinh is a seasoned professional, knowledgeable in software product development, marketing, quality management, and corporate strategy. Mr. Dinh has 10 years of experience working on projects for Fortune 500 companies. In addition to consulting, he has worked in the financial, high-tech, aerospace, nuclear, automotive, and chemical industries.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Dinh founded Mijem in 2014. In 2013, Mr. Dinh co-founded Mr. Dinh acquired over 20 clients in the first 5 months, which included large national brands. Mr. Dinh currently sits on the board of Cityfest Entertainment Inc. and is an active advisor. Mr. Dinh holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Honours Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Waterloo.