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50 University Communities: Thank You!

Our University Community Is Now 50 Strong. Thank You Students benefit as our network of schools continues to grow across North America. More and more students are turning to Mijem as the go-to app for buying, selling and trading on campus. Discover gems nearby today!

Mijem at Campuses: Public Beta Demo to Students

Mijem’s New 1.2 Public Preview Release Is Made for Students The Mijem ambassador team hit the campus trail to demo the new public beta version to students at both University of Waterloo and Western University. “Students bonded well with the app… they can see the

Mijem is Featured Speaker at Columbia Bring IT On Forum

Mijem’s Presentation Empowers International Tech Companies TORONTO, Ontario – October 28, 2015 – Mijem was invited to be a featured speaker for the Colombia Bring IT On Forum held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Dozens of delegates with offices in Colombia and Canada joined

Mijem and New York Fashion Week: Mijem App Featured

Mijem App Makes Splash with NY Fashion Community NEW YORK CITY, New York – September 11, 2015 – Mijem app was featured at Latinista Fashion Week. Fashionistas were made aware of the new Mijem app (public alpha) and how easy it is to share collections.

Mijem Connects, Celebrates, and Inspires at Cityfest Toronto

Mijem App Connects Urban Professionals and Makes Discovering Products Easier TORONTO, Ontario – August 22, 2015 – Mijem is the exclusive new media at Cityfest Toronto 2015. Mijem played an integral part of the festival by bringing awareness to high density residents new media that